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Account Opening Witnessed by Chinese Branches

The account opening service of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (USA) NA (THE BANK or ICBC (USA)) for Non-Resident Alien (NRA) Accounts witnessed by ICBC China Branches is to provide convenience to you who will soon move to the U.S. Through this service, you can establish an account relationship with THE BANK, apply for debit card and check book that are associated with this account, access to cyber banking and wire transfer service even before you arrive at U.S. Upon your arrival at U.S., you can obtain the debit card and check book through coming to branches of THE BANK in person with valid identification required by THE BANK. We provide this service in some designated branches in Sichuan, Shanghai, Henan, Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan and Shandong provinces.

-- Funds arrangement before arriving at U.S. Through this service, you can arrange your funds before arriving at U.S. and avoid taking large sums of cash in travel which might cause inconvenience and risks.
 -- Account monitored with cyber banking and bank statements. Before you leave for U.S., you can monitor your bank account and check balance through logging into the cyber banking. You will also receive bank statements every month.
 -- Language barrier free service. You can be provided services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese at any branch of THE BANK.

Applicable Customers
An individual customer who is in the process or has already obtained the visa to enter United States, aiming at studying, immigration, working or investing in USA.

 -- Before coming to the U.S., the customer could request for opening an account at ICBC USA via cell phone or email
 -- The customer should take official documents (ID card, Passport or visa) to the designated branches in China, filling in the application form and paying the relevant fees
-- The designated branches in China send the scanned account-opening documents to ICBC USA
 -- Once ICBC USA approves to open the new account, they will send the confirmation letter to the customer (bank account number and E-banking username enclosed) and mail the E-banking password to the designated branch in China
-- The designated branch in China will notify the customers to pick up the E-banking password. Customers can remit, but can’t purchase until they come to the U.S. to activate their accounts  

Required Documents
 1. Qualification of applicant
 The applicant whose age is 18 or above could apply for opening a bank account at ICBC USA
 Note:Applicants must be a customer of ICBC China. A natural person investor shall handle the account opening in person, and may not authorize any agent to do so.

2. Identification Documents
 -- Chinese ID (Both sides, within the effective date)
-- Passport (With the effective date)
-- Valid Visa,or certificate of visa being processed provided by U.S. government.
-- If the customer’s current address is different from the one presented on Chinese ID, the customer should provide the proof of residency (Bank Statement, Electronic bill, or phone bill, etc.)