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Commercial Loan

Commercial loan is one of the major business lines in the bank. It mainly includes subsidiary lines:
-- Business Term and Revolving loan, with purpose to finance working capital, acquisition of machinery & equipment, trade business, etc. The maximum total size of this kind of loan is $34,000,000 with maximum tenor of 4 years or 3 years.
-- Business Line of Credit, with purpose to finance borrower’s working capital. Different from term loan, business line of credit is renewable, but normal size is smaller than $1,000,000.
-- Borrowing Base Financing, which is to provide advance against eligible accounts receivable or eligible inventory, with normal term 1 year or less and at least 3.5X DTI ratio, including subordinated debt from shareholders.
-- Commercial loan also includes Small Business Administration Guaranty Loan, Business & Industries Guarantee Loans (Real Estate Loan), Factored Accounts Receivable Financing and others.