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Checking Account


1. Checking Accounts

a) Business Checking Account
-- Minimum to open account $500
-- Monthly service charge $20.00
-- Minimum average daily balance required to avoid monthly service charge is $1,500.
-- Up to 200 transactions per month without account activity charges*
-- Non-interest bearing
-- Cash reserve (credit line) eligibility, subject to credit approval
* If over 200 transactions, an activity charge of $0.2 per transaction applies

b) Analysis Business Checking Accounts
-- Minimum $500 to open account*
-- Non- interest bearing
-- Monthly service charge of $25
-- Various account activity charges per transaction type applies
-- Cash reserve (credit line) eligibility, subject to credit approval
*All accounts are subject to business analysis based on the available balance on deposit. An earning credit will be calculated and used to offset for all or part of the account's service charges. The account will be charged only in the event of a net analysis deficiency.