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   Investment Highlights
 Our Strategic Goals | Our Advantages | Our Achievements 

Our Advantages

Our profitability, quality and risk control constituted a “multi-stable” prospect. ▶ In terms of profitability, in 2018, profit before provision was RMB534.0 billion, representing an increase of 8.4%.
▶ In terms of quality, the Bank continued to enhance asset quality through the implementation of the “Consolidate the Foundation” program. Our balance sheet has become cleaner, and our ability to serve the real economy has become more sustainable. The Bank recovered and disposed of RMB226.5 billion of non-performing loans (NPLs), an increase of RMB33.8 billion from the previous year. The NPL ratio dropped 0.03 percentage points to 1.52% from the end of the previous year, falling for 8 consecutive quarters. The “scissors difference” between overdue loans and NPLs fell for three consecutive years and it dropped by 46% in 2018. Allowance to NPL rose to over 175%.
▶ In terms of risk control, we have acquired a deeper understanding of the characteristics and nature of risks as they evolve. With the goal of “clear vision, thorough understanding and good management”, we have built a risk control system that allows for lifecycle management of a full spectrum of risks across the entire market, which in turn ensures that each type of risks overall is within a manageable level and forges a healthier operation structure.

We stepped “forward” by further improving and enhancing our financial services for the real economy.
▶ We established a new mechanism for the integrated development of investment and financing, coordinated increment and stock, credit and non-credit as well as financing and intelligence, which led to the activation of the vitality and efficiency of all key financial elements.
▶ In 2018, aggregate new financing reached nearly RMB4 trillion, including new RMB loans of RMB1.16 trillion, re-lending after collections of RMB1.96 trillion, and new bond investment and other non-credit financing of RMB840.0 billion.
▶ New loans to private enterprises reached RMB113.7 billion, and inclusive finance loans grew more than twice as fast as the average of all loans, demonstrating the Bank’s leading role in providing enterprises with accessible and affordable financing.
▶In addition, in alignment with the requirements of high-quality economic development, the Bank continued to improve on the allocations of financial resources and nourished the real economy through “targeted irrigation” by focusing on areas such as major national infrastructure, development of advanced manufacturing, a shift to new growth drivers, enhancement of domestic consumption and cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

We insisted on reform and innovation as well as transformation and development. ▶Based on the new-era concept of “serving the broadest customer base”, we endeavored to build a more open and more inclusive customer base. Following the addition of 40.00 million new personal customers in the year, which represented the strongest growth in recent years, the Bank’s total number of personal customers exceeds 0.6 billion. The total number of users on our online platforms exceeds 0.4 billion.
▶Owing to the continuous expansion of our customer base and the ongoing improvement of the services we provide, the Bank’s general deposits increased by RMB1.45 trillion, the best level in nearly a decade.
▶Our strategy on mega retail began to reap rewards, as shown by the stronger revenue contribution and an increase in the market competitiveness in the sector. Asset management and investment banking transformed steadily amid the implementation of the New Rules on Asset Management.
▶ As the key battle of last year’s innovation, we upheld an ICBC outlook on FinTech development, reformed the technology system, launched the IT architecture upgrading project and pursued smart banking across the board. From setting sail to bravely forging ahead, we have become a “main force” in the FinTech arena.
▶We pursued coordinated reforms in areas such as credit system and mechanism, enhancing city branches’competitiveness, integrated marketing service system, differentiated performance assessment, network mapping and improvements of human resources, so as to enhance connectivity and unleash dividend and vitality across the Bank.