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Success Stories

Our global business network has come into shape after over 20 years of development, accentuating the value of international operations. Compared with more network access and simple extension of business lines, future development would focus on further business strength and value contribution, which requires overseas operations to assume greater responsibility and make greater contributions to build ICBC into a globally competitive and world-leading multinational financial group.
——Tao Nenghong, Deputy General Manager of International Banking Department of ICBC Head Office (ICBC’s Outstanding Youth, presides over five key studies on annual reform and development by ICBC Head Office, awarded the first prize once, second prize twice and third prize twice)

To better melt with ICBC, I work closely with my colleagues in day-to-day work, and endeavor to create an atmosphere where each member of the team feels comfortable and works efficiently. More importantly, I understand that we work in a bank with worldwide recognition, which pushed me to work hard to serve customers in Moscow based on ICBC's service standards and reputation.
——Celine Anna Vasilyevna, Deputy Chief Accountant of ICBC (Moscow) (ICBC Top Ten Outstanding Youths)

In fact, I never have any special requirements or goals in mind; I just try to be caring and observant in my work, eager to learn and good at thinking. Whether in competition or business, I always spare no efforts with little regard to the final results. As long as I do my best, all achievements come as unexpected surprises.
——Zhang Xiaoqin, Public Account Manager of ICBC Henan Anyang Shuiye Sub-branch. (won the National Labor’s Day Medal of Finance, ICBC Outstanding Young Worker and ICBC Outstanding Youth)

I believe that life is all about taking the next step. Do not be over-ambitious or follow the crowd. Always know the next step regardless of our position, and be prepared. Better set our goals and strive for them. Only in this way can we perform better in our career.
——Mao Huanhuan, Head of ICBC Ningbo Jiangdong Changqingteng Sub-branch (National Financial Youth Service Model , ICBC Outstanding Youth and ICBC Outstanding Young Worker)


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