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Reserved Verification Information

I. Introduction
Reserved Verification Information is a service provided by ICBC to assist clients to better identify bank websites, so as to prevent online fraudulency through fake bank websites.  

You can reserve a passage of words (that is, the reserved information) in the bank in advance. When you log on ICBC Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or when you are transacting payment on shopping websites, signing bill payment commission agreement, the website will automatically display your reserved information, so that you can verify whether it is the real ICBC website.

II. Target Client
Clients of ICBC Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

III. Features
Through the Reserved Verification Information function provided by Internet Banking, you can effectively recognize fake websites, thus greatly enhancing the security of online payment and avoiding financial loss.

IV. Application Condition
Clients of ICBC Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

V. Service Channel and Time
Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking provide you with7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. The content of the reserved information can be in both Chinese and English, with less than 60 characters.
2. Please remember your reserved information for verification during online payment. If the website does not display the reserved information, or it displays a message different from your reserved information, please terminate the transaction immediately and contact 95588, ICBC's 24-hour Customer Service Hotline.
3. Please take good care of your reserved information, and do not reveal it to other person, website, or inquiries from phone call and SMS.
4. In order for us to contact you timely, please leave information such as your phone number and e-mail address. Please make sure that the information you leave is correct and updated timely, so that your account information will not be sent to others.