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Money Market Deposit Account


1. Money Market Deposit Accounts

a) Super Yield Money Market Deposit Account
-- A combination of savings and checking accounts, with limited check writing ability, but earning a higher rate of interest
-- Minimum $500 to open account*
-- Maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 to earn tiered variable interest rates for the applicable deposit balances and avoid monthly service charges. A higher deposit balance qualifies for a higher rate of interest
-- We pay interest monthly at variable interest rates, compounded daily on a 365-day basis, when the minimum balance is maintained
-- Limit to 6 transfers and withdrawals each month; transfers and withdrawals made in person, by mail or at ATMs are unlimited. An activity fee of $15 will be charged for each transaction that exceeds the 6-transaction limit
-- If you frequently exceed the 6-transaction limit, we will convert your account to a checking account
-- Unlimited deposits, withdrawals, and transfers at our retail branches /ATMs
-- *A monthly service charge of $15 applies if the average daily balance is below $2,500.